Separated child Gulwali Passarlay, who fled Afghanistan aged 12, was chosen to carry Olympic Torch in Bolton, now aged 17.


 Working Experience

19—21 December 2011

We were pleased to support a group of separated teenage boys and girls on a trip to The Magdalen Project. With Matthew Court, our youth activities worker and volunteers from the Refugee Council Refugee Council, they enjoyed the experience of enhancing the environment by getting involved in a working farm, while also having enormous fun on outward bound kinds of activities. Despite battling at times with the blinding rain, they benefited enormously from the country air and the change of scene and perspective. They also sang all the way home!

Separated Children at the Magdalen Project Group Walk at the Magdalen Project Magdalen Project 2011 - feeding the goat Magdalen Project 2011 - planting

'Walk and Talk' in Hyde Park

24 July 2011

We walked across Hyde Park, talking and listening to recitals at three stopping points: at the Peter Pan statue on the theme of childhood; at the Bird Sanctuary on freedom of movement; and at the Reformers Tree on social change. We also and took on some personal challenges such as being led aroung the park blindfold...completing the course while juggling... singing and dancing all the way... being taught to count in several languages by separated children who joined us. While we picknicked at the end, we were treated to a display from Ascension Eagles , Britain's 'best cheerleaders'. Not only did we raise more £10,000 in sponsorship for our Club Class project, we also had a lot of fun - so much that we're 'walking and talking' again next summer. If you'd like to join us, do get in touch at 

    Walk & Talk 2011 - Yusuf & Catherine        Walk & Talk 2011 - Peter Pan statue         Ascension Eagles perform at Walk & Talk 2011 in Hyde Park

'Club Class'

2 June 2010

Marvellous Marathon Man makes it!

13 May 2010

Marathon Man!
25 April 2010

Feast and fun... and funds!

28 February 2010

Feast and fun!

27 February 2010

An appealing idea!

18 February 2010


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