Separated child Gulwali Passarlay, who fled Afghanistan aged 12, was chosen to carry Olympic Torch in Bolton, now aged 17.

Our News: October to December 2009Our News: October to December 2009


Just a click!
23 December 2009

A single e-mail to members of the London Asylum Seekers Consortium (LASC) made scores of colleagues in the sector aware of our Arrival Packs project, which means that we can get these valuable packs into the hands of many more separated children and young people who really need them. Since then, we've received loads of requestsin just a click!

Wrapped - to wrap up warm!
15 December 2009

We did it last year and we wanted to do it againso we did! We thought: if the separated young people at the Refugee Council are having a Christmas party, they must have a present. So 'Separated Child' volunteers Natasha Mann and Sabine Peris wrapped 80 cheerful 'warm winter' packages of a hat, scarf, gloves, thermal socks and chocolate, and volunteer Rima Salahié was in her element as she handed out our gifts. We're not sure who had more fun: the young people or Rima! 

Once more, with feeling!
15 December 2009

We've been delighted to fund the post of youth activities worker at the Refugee Council since autumn 2008. The programme at the centre in Brixton (south London) has really taken off and a phenomenal number and range of activities has been arranged. The Trustees of 'Separated Child' are pleased and proud to announce that they've extended the funding for this valuable work until spring 2011.

Out of the blue!
4 December 2009

Rabbi Janet Darley of South London Liberal Synagogue contacted us to say that she'd heard of our Arrival Packs project and that they'd like to support it as part of their Mitzvah Day initiative... just like that! Our top priority was warm scarves and these were duly rustled up, along with toothpaste and toothbrushes. What's more, the children of the synagogue made touchingly thoughtful and charming greetings cards to include in the Arrival Packs. Imagine our gratitude when Rabbi Darley personally delivered all these wonderful donations to our warehouse in north London! 

Getting and giving
15 November 2009

Separated childrenyoung refugees without their parents or carersare among the most vulnerable members of our society. One of the ways we support them is through Arrival Packsduffle bags crammed full of toiletries, clothing and other essentials.

As an entirely volunteer-led charity on a tight budget, we were delighted when we discovered Giving World, which organises 'access to excess' for the benefit of charities. We've already received some tops and absolutely loads of warm socks, which have been a real gift in this cold weather.

We also used a bit of creativity and partnered with New London Synagogue on a day of social action that involved synagogue members of all ages. One of the activities was making scarves from the woollen cloth that we received from Giving World.

All praise to Giving World for its sterling work and thanks to the companies for the valuable goods they donate!

"Bring it on!"
15 November 2009

The 'Bring it on!" collectathon at New London Synagogue for Mitzvah Day benefited five refugee organisations, including 'Separated Child'. The hall was turned into a cross between a warehouse and a sorting office, while the synagogue itself served as a loading bay! Of the staggering 2437 kilos of goods that were collected, sorted, packed and labelled, more than a quarter (665 kilos) came our way for Arrival Packs. What's more, the synagogue volunteers delivered the 105 boxes and bags to our warehouse where they created what you could only call a 'Mitzvah Mountain'! Our appreciation is mountainous, too...


Top class!
13 November 2009

Full marks go to the Academy School in Hampstead, London, for their outstanding contribution to 'Separated Child', in connection with Mitzvah Day. In an assembly on the Monday, 'Separated Child' Trustee Angela Gluck spoke to the pupils about separated children and the Arrival Packs project. By the Friday the school hall was full to the brim with donations from the children and their families. It was a wonderful response! Many thanks, too, to headteacher Garth Evans for endorsing this initiative and to parent Bianca Roden who approached 'Separated Child' as a charity that the school could support and who organised the goods that had been collected.