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About separated children

Within the UK’s population of refugees and people seeking asylum, there are about 6,000 children and young people who have been separated from their parents and close family, and known in official statistics as ‘unaccompanied minors’. Such children and young people suffer from multiple traumas. They are cut off not only from the culture, language, homeland and familiar circumstances in which they grew up but also from the love and concern of the people who have cared for them most. Many also suffered the trauma of war, civil unrest, bereavement, hunger and persecution, and the stresses of long and hazardous journeys.

How we help


Refugee Child Crrying

The Separated Child Foundation offers emotional, social and physical support to separated children and young people who are asylum seekers or refugees in Britain. We also engage in educational activities that support their experience in the UK and raise awareness of their needs and encourage positive responses to them.

Our three main projects are:-

Arrival Packs

Separated children often arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Our volunteers prepare and pack duffle bags, which are filled with essentials like warm clothing, toiletries and a towel, sanitary products and Covid items such as a face mask and hand sanitisers. These bags are distributed via our trusted partners.

Sleep Packs

Many separated children struggle to sleep at night after tortuous, noctural journeys. With the help of a child psychotherapist specialising in child sleep, we have created sleep packs consisting of a pouch that contains a night shirt, a plug-in night light, a lavender bag, a specially created ‘Sweet Dreams’ card, an eye mask, ear plugs, tissues and a stress ball.

Club Class

Since 2010 we have been running a weekly educational, social and cultural programme for up to 30 young refugees aged 14-18, to help them improve their English and to provide homework support. The sessions (currently taking place online) also provide separated children with the opportunity to build relationships with peers and trusted adults.

We also give separated children a voice through projects that enable and empower them to tell their stories and to reflect on their experiences, needs and hopes.

Give a pack

Separated children arrive in the UK exhausted, dishevelled, vulnerable and traumatised. Please help give them dignity, warmth and comfort by sponsoring an arrival pack containing the essentials for the first few days of their experience in the UK.

Teenage refugge boy wrapped in a blanket

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