What we do

Imagine having to flee your homeland because of war, terror or persecution. Imagine being a child or young person. Imagine not having your parents with you because they were killed before you left or were unable to leave. Imagine arriving in a strange country, seeking asylum, completely alone. Imagine having absolutely nothing.Teenage boy up against wire fence

Separated children and young people experience the double trauma of separation not only from their homeland, culture and natural environment but also from the adults in their family who gave them care.

The Separated Child Foundation offers emotional, social, financial and physical support to separated children and young people in Britain up to the age of 21. We also engage in educational activities that raise awareness of their needs and encourage positive responses to them.

A Taste of Refuge

We think it was a first. We see clear parallels between Jews being displaced throughout history and the experiences of refugees today. We created ‘A Taste of Refuge’ to explore those links, by sharing a special supper in the spirit of Passover, the Jewish freedom festival. The centrepiece of this memorably poignant evening was the stories of lone refugee youth, who touched every heart. May it not be the last!

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