Gifts of your time

Perhaps you have a few hours to volunteer, either on a regular basis or occasionally? We have a number of opportunities for you:

Packing Sessions for Arrival Packs and Sleep Packs

Joining the ‘Purple Packing’ team. Every fortnight volunteers meet at the Big Yellow at Staples Corner to prepare Arrival and Sleep Packs ready to be distributed to unaccompanied child refugees around the UK. If you are interested in joining our packing sessions then please contact us.

Help with coordinating arrival and sleep packs 

The goods for our arrival and sleep packs have to be sourced, received, packed away and transport arranged once they are packed. We are looking for help for any one of these tasks:

  • The sourcing, ordering and co-ordinating of goods for the packs
  • Physically processing and moving the goods when they arrive and associated paperwork
  • Liaising with agencies who require the packs for separated children
  • Collection and distribution including logistics and transport

Media and press

Do you have an expertise or experience in working with the press? If so, and you would like to help, please let us know.

Public speaking

We are looking to build a team of volunteer ambassadors who will seek opportunities to speak about the Separated Child Foundation and deliver presentations on our behalf. If this is something you would like to know more about please get in touch.


Our ability to support separated children relies on fundraising. If you would like to support us by organising a fundraising activity or making a donation please find out more 

Contributing to social and educational events for separated children and young people

If you have a skill to offer such as teaching English, we would love to hear from you 


If you have some time to spare for some home-based administration tasks and desk top research to support our work please get in touch 

Other volunteering skills

You may have other skills you could offer not mentioned above. If so, please do get in touch 

If you’d like to contribute in any of these ways, please contact us or phone 020 8933 4588 to discuss how you can play to your strengths.