How we help

The children and young people we support have to flee their homeland because of war, terror or persecution. They do not have their parents with them because they were killed before they left or were unable to leave. These children arrive in a strange country, seeking asylum, completely alone. They have absolutely nothing. Separated children and young people experience the double trauma of separation not only from their homeland, culture and natural environment but also from the adults in their family who gave them love and care.

Separated Children , vulnerable, needing help

The Separated Child Foundation offers emotional, social and physical support to separated children and young people who are asylum seekers or refugees in Britain up to the age of 21. We also engage in educational activities that support their experience in the UK and raise awareness of their needs and encourage positive responses to them.

For a small charity with low overheads we have a big impact on the lives of separated child refugees. In addition to the provision of arrival packs and sleep packs  for newly arriving separated children, we also offer Club Class  which is a weekly educational, social and cultural programme for up to 30 separated young people aged 14-18 that includes refreshments and supper to help young refugees improve their English and to provide homework support and offers cultural excursions. We also give separated children a voice  through projects that enable and empower them to tell their stories and to reflect on their experiences, needs and hopes.