Arrival packs

The need for arrival packs

Refugee children arrive in the UK dishevelled and dirty. There are currently no other charities or agencies that provide the bare essentials for the first few days of their experience in the UK. The Separated Child Foundation provides an Arrival Pack which is a duffle bag crammed full of toiletries and a towel, socks and underwear, warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, gloves, a hat and a scarf, and other essentials.

Arrival packs

The arrival packs are distributed through the charities and local authorities who children first encounter when they arrive in the UK. Our approach is that children are entitled to the packs rather than viewed as a hand-out and they offer dignity to the child; something that are unlikely to have experienced on their journey to the UK.


Contents of an arrival pack


How arrival packs are produced

A team of Separated Child Foundation volunteers  prepare arrival packs. We are supported by Big Yellow Self Storage who provide storage facilities and a pack preparation area free of charge.The goods that make up the arrival pack cost £35 including distribution  and would be worth around £100 on the high street. This project is proving to be very effective: for the separated children and young people who have already received one from us, it has made a simple but important difference to their everyday life. Arrival Packs are currently distributed through our partnership with The Refugee Council, local authorities, providers of accommodation for unaccompanied minors and refugee support organisations.