Please ‘give a pack’

Separated children arrive in the UK alone, traumatised and exhausted after an arduous journey. They are extremely vulnerable, having left behind everybody and everything they have ever known.

Please offer separated children dignity, warmth and comfort by giving one of our packs containing the essentials for their first days and nights in the UK.

Support a separated child by giving the essentials for their first few days

Our arrival packs are prepared by volunteers and distributed to vulnerable and traumatised separated children through our partners across the country.

Arrival packs

The packs contain warm and weatherproof clothes, toiletries (including a wash bag and towels), a menstrual set and necessary Covid supplies including a face mask and hand sanitiser. These items are given in a drawstring duffle bag with pockets to make it easy for the children – who usually arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs – to keep their belongings safe.

Arrival pack feedback from our partners

One of the boys that received one of the packs was very emotional to know people out there want to help children like him. He described the bag as awesome – he particularly liked the hoodie, raincoat and gloves because there were nice and thick and he was not cold anymore. Once again thanks for your support it really makes a big difference.
Birmingham’s Children Trust

Some of the young people are very dirty with filthy clothes when they arrive so the donations are very much appreciated. They have clearly been put together with great
care and love. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped make this happen, it really is much appreciated.

BACA (accommodation & training charity for separated children), Loughborough

Help a separated child feel safe enough to sleep again

There have been several sleep related studies over the past few years to look at the sleep problems experienced by unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

One audit found that 87% of separated children had disrupted sleep patterns, often in addition to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sleep packs

Our sleep packs contain a nightshirt, a plug-in night light, a lavender bag, an eye mask, ear plugs, tissues, a stress ball and a specially created ‘Sweet Dreams’ card.

A mental health practitioner who works with unaccompanied asylum-seeking children said,

“I recently saw a young man who has been sleeping really badly. We discussed his sleep and normal routine. I gave him a sleep pack. When we talked about the nightlight he said that he keeps his big light on all night. He will now turn the light off and use the night light to stop him feeling scared.”

Sleep pack feedback from our partners

We recently gave a sleep pack to a young person and this was his feedback:

“I had the best sleep ever, I fell asleep in five minutes last night. I still remember the smell of the lavender bag. I feel so fresh!”

British Red Cross Young Refugee Service

Thank you for all your help in arranging for the collection of the sleep packs which are amazing.

The young people we see will be able to really benefit from this kind and thoughtful idea put together by your volunteers.

Department for Children and Young People in Care, LGF Brighton General Hospital

Please offer separated children dignity, warmth and comfort by giving one of our packs containing the essentials for their first days and nights in the UK.

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Imagine having to flee your homeland because of war, terror, or persecution…

Imagine being a child or young person…

Imagine not having your parents with you because they were killed before you left or were unable to leave…

Imagine arriving in a strange country, seeking asylum, completely alone…

Imagine having absolutely nothing.

Now imagine
being able to help.