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As part of our mission we want to raise awareness and tell the truth about some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Update: June 2023

The United Nations estimates that as a result of the Russian invasion, there are over 17 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance inside Ukraine. There are 6.3 million Refugees from Ukraine recorded globally. More than 5 million people are estimated to be displaced inside Ukraine. You can read our statement on Ukraine here.


Around 41% of the world’s 108 million refugees are under the age of 18


76% of the world’s refugees are accommodated in developing countries


The UK received 5,242 asylum applications from separated children in 2022


In 2022, the UK ranked 5th in Europe for asylum applications behind Germany, France, Spain and Austria


In 2022, 65% of asylum applications from separated children came from just five countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Iran, Sudan and Eritrea


There were almost 1 million first-time asylum applications in the EU in 2022, with Austria and Germany receiving the most 



1.9 million children were born as refugees. Between 2018 and 2022, an average of 385,000 children were born as refugees per year



Of the age disputes raised by the Home Office in 2021, 94%  were found to be less than 18 years old 



The number of refugees globally has steadily increased since 2012 but within Europe, the number of asylum-seeker applications has decreased from 1.3m in 2016 to 966,000 in 2020


The grant rate for asylum or other forms of leave for separated children in 2022 was 87%


In January 2023, the Home Office acknowledged that 440 separated children had gone missing from Home Office hotels. Read more here 



The total number of people awaiting a decision on asylum applications in 2022 was 166,300, compared to around 70,000 in 2020


There were 74,751 first-time asylum applications in the UK in 2022, compared to 21,853 in 2012


In the UK, 90% of small boat arrivals in 2022 claimed asylum

The above facts were gathered during the preparation of a report to educate our work (May 2023) and recent updates on 

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